OP/TECH SUPER PRO A Strap for Kiev Medium Format CameraOP/TECH SUPER PRO A Strap for Kiev Medium Format Camera
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OP/TECH SUPER PRO A Strap for Kiev Medium Format Camera

Finally, your camera can benefit from OPTECH USA's patented weight reduction system. This strap is brand new and will attach directly to your cameras retaining lugs.

The Cameras it fits are:

  • Pentax LX 35mm film camera
  • Hasselblad - all models
  • Bronica SQ - all models - and most ETR
  • Keiv

OPTECH USA has developed a unique locking slide mechanism which adds extra protection for a secure connection. Once the metal clip is attached to the retaining lug, the plastic locking slide is secured in position behind the metal clip. This prevents the clip from inadvertently opening. The slide must be removed before the clip will open. Another innovative design and only available from OPTECH USA.

OPTECH USA's new and improved NON SLIP GRIP solves the last problem in achieving perfection in a carrying strap. The soft, rounded grip allows you to safely carry gear slung over your shoulder without fear of having it slip. It effectively grips to all types of fabrics and doesn’t lose its hold. This revolutionary new technique is sure to be a winner!


  • Easy to attach
  • Fully adjustable (approx. 40"-48")
  • Quick disconnects
  • Connection system capabilities
  • Non Slip Grip

The strap is brand new right from the factory in Montana. This is 100% MADE in the USA! Not many things left in the world are made exclusively in America. I am proud to offer such a fine product to my customers.


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