Snake Chain Neck Strap for Minox 35 CameraSnake Chain Neck Strap for Minox 35 CameraSnake Chain Neck Strap for Minox 35 Camera
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Snake Chain Neck Strap for Minox 35 Camera

This is the ultimate Retro snake chain camera strap. Some people would call it a lanyard but I like strap better. If you are into brand names I thought I would save you the trouble of looking around the net for a better price. This will not show up in comparison shopping sites, nor will you find it anywhere else. It is my own creation. My previous career was making eyeglasses. I did that for 15 years. I left that job to sell camera gear on the internet. That was 10 years ago. I plan on doing this the rest of my working life.
This has taken me a few months to get together. It contains pieces from all over the world, Germany, Italy, China, and USA. All items are top of the line, the best I could find and it comes with a lifetime warranty from me, The Camera Hunter camerahunter.com.
The main clip has a 1.5mm round shaft. It will easily connect to anything with a minimum hole size of 2mm. The string connectors are handy to allow you to connect it to other items with a tighter connection point like a cell phone or MP3 player. The small one with a silver end is one solid piece. The one with the black plastic end is a quick release clip so you can quickly detach your device. 

  • 17.5 inches in length tip to tip when straight
  • Snake chain is made of brass and plated with Nickel
  • All other metal pieces are Nickel plated
  • I personally believe everything I buy should last forever and I believe this will
  • Stylish and strong design looks nice with anything
  • The perfect neck strap for your Minox 35 Camera. 
  • Minox 35 EL (1974)
  • Minox 35 GL (1979)
  • Minox 35 GT (1981)
  • Minox 35 PL (1982)
  • Minox 35 PE (1983)
  • Minox 35 Golf (1984)
  • Minox 35 MB (1985)
  • Minox 35 ML (1985)
  • Minox 35 AL (1987)
  • Minox GS-E (1988)
  • Minox GTE (1988)
  • Minox 35 GTE GOLDKNOPF (1988)
  • Minox 35 AF (1988)
  • Minox 35 M.D.C. (1996)
  • Minox 35 GTX (1997)
  • Minox 35 GTS (1998)
  • Minox AF -mini (1994)
  • Minox CD 70 (1996)
  • Minox CD 112 (1996)
  • Minox CD 29 (1997)
  • Minox CD 140 (1999)

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